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Exploring the Notion of Time via Yoga: Slowing Right down to Embrace the Current

We often know time from modifications in nature. We observe that the earth circles across the solar, and we name it “a 12 months.”

Then we’ve got the seasons that may be such a delicate reminder that point flies. The earth turns round its axis and we name it “sooner or later.”

To get extra exact with the time measurements, we invented hours, minutes, seconds, as subdivisions of the day.

Time Measured in Human Moments

However there are explicit moments in life after we know time from modifications in folks. If for some cause, the earth misplaced contact with the solar and our nature-related time models would develop into meaningless, then I think about we’d be capable of measure time by wanting on the modifications in folks round us.

These explicit moments after we get the time consciousness by wanting on the modifications in folks, are the moments of return, return to our childhood land.

You see “years” within the white hair of a main faculty colleague who used to have crow-black hair. Or within the information that the neighboring home is now empty for the reason that neighbor is not alive.

You see “seasons” within the huge stomach of a pregnant pal who you haven’t met for a very long time. You see all the times, hours, minutes, and seconds that you’ve got been away from dwelling while you hug your dad and really feel the weak point of his growing-old physique.

Embracing Change with a Yogi’s Perspective

In these moments of return, with a view to address all these modifications in folks, I develop into within the day by day life as “yogi” as I’m on the mat.

I salute the Indian logic as serene as I salute the solar in a Solar Salutation: what isn’t actual to start with or on the finish, isn’t actual within the center both.

time was not actual previous to the Huge Bang when all of the matter was condensed in a single spot. There was no observer to acknowledge time then! And you realize time will stop as properly fifteen billion years from now when the universe will come to its finish.

Then too, no human thoughts shall be there to watch the top of time.

As we all know from Einstein’s relativity, time is trusted the observer: no observer to witness it, no time.

Due to this fact, in keeping with the Indian logic, time isn’t actual, it doesn’t exist.

Time didn’t exist initially, is not going to exist in the long run, due to this fact it can’t be actual within the center both. It’s a assemble. Time is the kid of our minds.

Dissolving Time via Yoga

That’s why, past an open coronary heart, I might say yogis have one other super-power: to dissolve time. When you dissolve your thoughts on the mat, time may even vanish with it. At the very least for some time till your thoughts returns.

Timeless Bonds

This summer season, returning to my hometown, I’ve tried to see the folks I really like past all their transformations.

Past the passage of time: Geo, the pregnant girl, she is going to at all times be my pal though her physique and standing are altering. My love for my neighbor remains to be there in my coronary heart though she isn’t there in her home anymore.

My dad will at all times stay the one who gave me life and taught me the nice, the unhealthy and the ugly on this life, whatever the wrinkles, weight reduction or diseases.

Past Time, But Right here and Now

My pal, my neighbor, my dad, your dad, the crow-black haired colleague, you, me, we’re all so actual whereas time isn’t.

Let’s benefit from the seasons altering, control the watch to be punctual, make the most effective factor out of our time. However at all times bear in mind: we’re all past time.

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