Probably the most pro-social social media use is to not use it. However as at all times, there’s ‘unhealthy’ within the ‘good’ and ‘good’ within the ‘unhealthy.’

There could not be a day with out a night time, scorching with out chilly and so forth.

I’ve barely used Fb. I’ve by no means used Twitter (or no matter it is referred to as lately), Snapchat or TikTok. I discover Instagram extremely damaging for my psychological well being, and my plan is to delete my account by the tip of this 12 months.

The one social media that I take advantage of (and abuse) is YouTube.

I can thank YT for studying the right way to finest fold fitted sheets, the right way to prepare dinner the yummy scrumptious broccoli/tofu asian stir fry that is now grow to be a staple in our residence. I’ve discovered issues about gardening and the right way to change the butane fuel canister that my range runs on.

I recurrently do core and HIIT exercises through YouTube. And I’ve discovered an incredible stay streamed weekly meditation. I’ve listened to some nice Dj units and laughed at previous clips from MTV’s Beavis and Butthead, in addition to some Swedish 1980’s TV.

Big chunks of my valuable time have been hijacked by YouTube. I’ve tumbled down numerous rabbit holes; winding tunnels of trivia associated to semi-obscure indie bands I used to love within the nineties, earlier than indie was referred to as indie. And the psychic algorithms who know me higher than I do know myself, current me with one irresistible clip after one other. Pavement taking part in at Glastonbury in 1998, or a uncommon interview with the singer of Daisy Chainsaw. A short historical past of shoegaze. No matter occurred to Mazzy Star, or Lush.

YouTube would not set off me in the best way that instagram does. It would not make me really feel like a loser, or not within the sense of ‘everybody’s having a lot enjoyable and I am not invited.’ Or ‘everybody’s a lot extra lovely/profitable than I’m. It would not creep down into my brainstem and set off the caveman status-seeking.

It makes me really feel like a loser due to my lack of self-control and can energy.

It is most undoubtedly a time thief, and a focus destroyer like all different (anti)social media.

I completely must additional restrict my time spent there. I additionally assume it is unlucky that YouTube turned to the brief video format that made TikTok an enormous money cow. Happily, it is attainable to disable these.

There’s one YT channel that I have been following for a couple of years now, with extremely pro-social content material.

It is referred to as Mushy White Underbelly, and the person behind the channel, Mark Laita, began interviewing folks on Skid Row, a tough neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles full of medication, homelessness, gangs, and prostitution. The place the US opioid epidemic performs out within the open.

After watching a handful of movies it turns into clear that trauma and/or psychological sickness is behind EVERY single homeless drug addict you might need stumbled upon. And the scope of the trauma is completely devastating! Right here we are able to clearly see the proof of karma (within the sense of trigger and impact) and unique sin (as in intergenerational trauma).

We are able to see what racism, sexism and capitalism do the folks.

A few of these ‘damaged’ folks are superb storytellers. For a lot of of those folks medication in all probability saved their lives.

It is also proof of what occurs once you attempt to run from ache as an alternative of dealing with it.

It is also echoing the yogic reality that craving is on the root of our struggling.

And, it serves many cautionary tales about the place dependancy can take you. And the social media apps are designed to be simply as addictive as opiates.

Lately Mark has widened his scope and is now interviewing all types of individuals. It is a actually lovely and worthy undertaking.

However now I will set up Freedom. As a result of I do must spend much less time on-line normally.

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