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What are opioids?

Opioids and opiates are very highly effective drugs that come from the opium poppy plant (opiates) or are artificial medication that seem like molecules from the opium plant (opioids). On this part, we’ll use the time period “opioids” to discuss with opiates and opioids. These medication could be taken by mouth in a tablet type, inhaled/snorted, or injected.

When used as suggested by a health care provider, opioids can deal with ache. However some folks take opioids in increased quantities or extra usually than prescribed to cope with ache, trauma, psychological well being signs, and bodily dependence on opioids. Opioids used inappropriately could trigger overdose and even demise.

What’s fentanyl?

Fentanyl is an extremely potent (or robust) opioid. It’s now present in most opioid capsules offered in illicit drug markets. It could even be added to stimulants comparable to cocaine or methamphetamines.

Fentanyl is more likely to trigger a deadly overdose than much less potent opioids, like oxycodone.

What precisely is an opioid overdose?

An overdose refers to when somebody “passes out” (loses consciousness) and isn’t respiratory usually. This will occur when somebody takes a excessive or potent dose of opioids. If not handled instantly, an opioid overdose can result in demise. Thankfully, there are issues that you are able to do to acknowledge and reply to an overdose. These essential steps will help save somebody’s life.

Why are overdose numbers growing?

Deaths as a consequence of drug overdoses have elevated during the last 20 years. In 2021, over 106,000 folks died of drug overdoses, together with over 1,100 adolescents. The rise in overdose deaths is because of a number of elements:

  • It’s a really potent opioid and is extra more likely to trigger a lethal overdose. Typically persons are uncovered to it in different substances and don’t even realize it.
  • Xylazine. It’s one other new drug that will increase the chance of overdose. Xylazine isn’t affected by naloxone (see under).
  • There could be challenges to accessing remedies for opioid dependancy, notably drugs for opioid use dysfunction like buprenorphine and methadone. With out remedy, folks could use extra opioids over time with increased threat of overdose.
  • Folks experiencing stigma and disgrace associated to their opioid use could use opioids alone in secret. This will increase the chance that an overdose is not going to be seen and addressed.

How do I do know if somebody is having an overdose?

Nobody desires to consider responding to an overdose, as this may be very scary. However understanding how to reply to an overdose can save somebody’s life.

Somebody who’s having an overdose could also be:

  • Slumped over if sitting down, or laying down on the ground.
  • Not aware of voice, contact, or ache. Pinch somebody’s fingernail or put stress on the sternum (bony space in the course of the chest) in case you’re undecided.
  • Barely respiratory. Breaths could also be very shallow, solely occur each ~15-30 seconds, or sound like a gurgling or rattling noise.
  • Starting to show blue, notably within the pores and skin across the eyelids, lips, and fingernails.

People who find themselves at elevated threat of overdose embody individuals who:

  • Have well being issues, notably lung (i.e., bronchial asthma) or coronary heart (i.e., congenital coronary heart illness) circumstances.
  • Use extra opioids than their physician really helpful.
  • Get opioids from people who find themselves not their physician.
  • Combine opioids with different medication alcohol or benzodiazepines.
  • Change who they’re shopping for medication from.
  • Change the way in which they use medication, particularly in the event that they go from taking a tablet by mouth to injecting.
  • Use alone.
  • Use once more after a interval of not utilizing comparable to whereas in rehab or the hospital.

What ought to I do if I feel somebody is having an overdose?

If somebody appears to be like like they’re having an overdose as described above: name 911, give naloxone, present rescue respiratory (if you’re comfy with it), and stick with the individual till assist arrives (in case you really feel protected to take action).

In lots of states within the US, Good Samaritan Legal guidelines defend individuals who name 911 and/or present naloxone from moving into authorized bother. Try this useful resource to see the legal guidelines in your state.

What recommendation can I give mates to assist them forestall overdoses? 

Whereas naloxone will help deal with an opioid overdose, it’s much more essential to stop overdoses from occurring within the first place.

Hurt discount is a “set of sensible methods and concepts aimed toward lowering unfavourable penalties related to drug use”. This consists of concepts that youth and adults can use to stop overdose. Hurt discount consists of remedy, together with drugs for opioid use dysfunction. These are one of the best instruments we’ve got to stop overdoses.

When persons are not utilizing drugs for remedy of opioid use dysfunction, there are different methods to stop overdose. These embody:

  • Selecting much less potent medication: Individuals who take capsules could also be at decrease threat of overdose than individuals who inject or inhale medication. It could even be helpful to keep away from capsules which have fentanyl in them (see under).
  • Begin with small quantities and “go sluggish”: Beginning with a really small “take a look at” quantity permits folks to examine the energy of a brand new drug. Rising the quantity slowly helps to keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of, which might trigger an overdose.
  • Keep away from mixing opioids with different sedatives: Utilizing opioids similtaneously different sedating medication like alcohol or benzodiazepines can enhance the chance of overdose and needs to be prevented.
  • Use fentanyl and xylazine take a look at strips: These take a look at strips can be found from hurt discount organizations and on-line and, if used correctly, can detect fentanyl in capsules and powders.
    • To make use of these exams, a tablet needs to be crushed and blended up in a plastic bag earlier than utilizing the strip to check the residue. This ensures the strip exams a combination of the substances included in a tablet.
    • On most accessible strips, 1 line = optimistic for fentanyl, 2 traces = unfavourable.
    • Bear in mind to at all times learn the instructions! Comparable take a look at strips can be found for xylazine.
    • Utilizing fentanyl take a look at strips is decriminalized in some states (like Massachusetts), however continues to be unlawful in some states.
  • By no means use alone: If somebody has an overdose when alone, nobody can provide them naloxone or name 911. It’s due to this fact essential to encourage mates to by no means use medication alone. Individuals who use alone can use telephone hotlines or apps like Courageous or Canary to ensure somebody calls 911 in the event that they cease responding.


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