AUM Mantra, Mudra Meditation to Open Third Eye Chakra

OM Mantra & Mudra Meditation to Awaken Third Eye

Typically combining completely different methods collectively could make the actual meditation rather more efficient and potent and this holds true for the Om Mantra Meditation that’s designed to Open the Eye Chakra as nicely.

On this meditation you’ll not simply use the seed sound (OM) which is related to the Third Eye, however may also apply Shambhavi Mudra and psychological focus to assist awaken and activate this heart.  Any certainly one of these methods stimulates the Third Eye heart, however you’ll noice that combining them has an exponential have an effect on.

important goals of yogaThe Third Eye is taken into account the seat of Instinct and Knowledge, and opening this Chakra (Ajna Chakra) is related to the onset of Psychic Energy and talents.  As that is maybe crucial and highly effective of the Chakras, it ought to be approached with respect and intelligence.

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Under the video, I’ve launched your complete transcript as nicely, for individuals who desire to learn quite than watch.

OM Mantra Mudra Third Eye Meditation

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Namaste My Pals,

On this lesson of the Meditation Coaching Program, we’ll be taught the potent and highly effective OM Meditation Method.

Once more, posture is essential for any meditation that you just’re going to apply particularly with regard to your backbone. Make sure that it’s good and erect. Step, sit up good and tall. Have your chin again barely like a soldier at consideration to align the again of the pinnacle with the backbone.  For the circulation of power or Kundalini to happen.

Om Mantra Meditation is basically centered on opening the third eye or the Ajna Chakra, the sixth Chakra of the Kundalini seven chakra system. The seat of knowledge, the seat of instinct, to have the ability to see the unseen and know the unknown. The Chakra weisre identified for bestowing psychic powers.

Now we’re going to make the most of Shambhavi Mudra to help us with this meditation together with utilizing the OM mantra.  OM Mantra is the beej mantra or the seed sound of the Ajna Chakra as nicely.

The primary Mudra are we going to make use of for the palms is Gyan Mudra the place we’re going to convey our thumb ideas and index finger collectively, and we’re going to have the opposite three fingers pointing ahead and we’re going to relaxation our wrists gently on our knees.

A second Mudra that we’re going to make use of is Shambhavi Mudra. And that’s an eye fixed place. And that’s to be held within the following method. You’re going to show your eyes upwards, and also you’re going to look via an imaginary level on the heart of your brow.

That’s the kshetram, or the bodily level that correlates to the Ajna chakra.  Holding Shambhavi Mudra with additionally work to activate the Ajna chakra and awaken the Third Eye.

Now, as soon as you’re taking the Mudras and your meditation posture, you’re going to inhale deeply and also you’re going to chant the sound OMmmmm.

Subsequent I need you to visualise the OM sound emanating from the middle of your brow, flowing into your whole system, after which extending into the universe round you.

So once more, sit up good and tall chin, barely again, come into Gyan Mudra relaxation your palms in your knees. Flip your eyes upward into Shambhavi Mudra  Look via the middle of your brow.  As soon as you’re taking Shambhavi Mudra, you’ll be able to shut your eyes whereas holding that eye place. Now, a phrase of warning. In the event you really feel an excessive amount of pressure when holding Shambhavi mudra launch it, proceed with the meditation and retake that mudra while you really feel prepared.  Allow us to now apply three rounds collectively.

[Practice OM Mantra Meditation Here]

Observe the rules within the Meditation Coaching Program in the course of the apply. In case you are new, you’ll be able to start with as little as one minute after which construct up from there. Once more, the meditation makes use of many alternative dimensions to activate and steadiness the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye, The Divine Eye, and permits you to then have your instinct woke up so you’ll be able to see the true nature of actuality.

Thanks everyone. God bless you all.

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