The ABC Weight-reduction plan guarantees to advertise speedy weight reduction, making it an attractive thought to some. 

Nonetheless, it achieves this by severely limiting your day by day calorie consumption, which may significantly harm your well being. 

On this article, you’ll be taught what the ABC Weight-reduction plan plan is, what the ABC Weight-reduction plan schedule seems to be like, why it’s horrible in your well being, the reality in regards to the ABC Weight-reduction plan’s outcomes, a more healthy and extra sustainable solution to shed pounds rapidly, and extra. 

What Is the ABC Weight-reduction plan (“Ana Boot Camp Weight-reduction plan”)?

The ABC Weight-reduction plan plan, or “Ana Boot Camp Weight-reduction plan,” is a extremely restrictive and doubtlessly harmful hunger weight loss program that promotes weight reduction by severely limiting calorie consumption.

It’s referred to as the Ana Boot Camp Weight-reduction plan as a result of many take into account it a gateway to anorexia, a life-threatening consuming dysfunction.

The ABC Weight-reduction plan lasts 50 days, throughout which period you fluctuate your calorie consumption, consuming between 0 and 800 energy day by day. The ABC weight loss program schedule has 5 phases that decide the variety of energy you eat day by day, rising or lowering in 50-to-100-calorie increments relying on the section and day.

Opposite to widespread perception, the ABC Weight-reduction plan plan doesn’t promote weight reduction by tricking the physique’s metabolism to run quicker. As an alternative, the intense calorie restriction starves the physique, forcing it to make use of saved fats and muscle for power, which slows metabolic charge and harms general well being. 

ABC Weight-reduction plan Schedule

The ABC Weight-reduction plan schedule splits the 50 days into 5 phases. These phases fluctuate in size from 4-to-15 days. 

Throughout every section, you will need to not exceed the day by day calorie allowances beneath:

Part 1: Day 1-to-10

  • Day 1: 500 energy
  • Day 2: 500 energy
  • Day 3: 300 energy
  • Day 4: 400 energy
  • Day 5: 100 energy
  • Day 6: 200 energy
  • Day 7: 300 energy
  • Day 8: 400 energy
  • Day 9: 500 energy
  • Day 10: Zero energy

Part 2: Day 11-to-20

  • Day 11: 150 energy
  • Day 12: 200 energy
  • Day 13: 400 energy
  • Day 14: 350 energy
  • Day 15: 250 energy
  • Day 16: 200 energy
  • Day 17: Zero energy
  • Day 18: 200 energy
  • Day 19: 100 energy
  • Day 20: Zero energy

Part 3: Day 21-to-30

  • Day 21: 300 energy
  • Day 22: 250 energy
  • Day 23: 200 energy
  • Day 24: 150 energy
  • Day 25: 100 energy
  • Day 26: 50 energy
  • Day 27: 100 energy
  • Day 28: 200 energy
  • Day 29: 200 energy
  • Day 30: 300 energy

Part 4: Day 31-to-34

  • Day 31: 800 energy
  • Day 32: Zero energy
  • Day 33: 250 energy
  • Day 34: 350 energy

Part 5: Day 35-to-50

  • Day 35: 450 energy
  • Day 36: Zero energy
  • Day 37: 500 energy
  • Day 38: 450 energy
  • Day 39: 400 energy
  • Day 40: 350 energy
  • Day 41: 300 energy
  • Day 42: 250 energy
  • Day 43: 200 energy
  • Day 44: 200 energy
  • Day 45: 250 energy
  • Day 46: 200 energy
  • Day 47: 300 energy
  • Day 48: 200 energy
  • Day 49: 150 energy
  • Day 50: Zero energy

Does the ABC Weight-reduction plan Work?

When asking if the ABC Weight-reduction plan works, it’s essential to outline what “working” means within the context of weight loss program and well being.

You’ll undoubtedly shed pounds on the ABC Weight-reduction plan plan as a result of it encourages you to eat far fewer energy than most individuals must perform, forcing your physique to gas its processes utilizing saved power in fats and muscle. 

Nonetheless, the preliminary weight reduction comes with important well being dangers, together with potential malnutrition, a weakened immune system, muscle and bone loss, and organ harm. Furthermore, it disrupts the physique’s metabolism, which may make future weight reduction tougher. 

The ABC Weight-reduction plan additionally poses psychological risks. It could actually promote an unhealthy relationship with meals, rising your threat of creating consuming problems like anorexia.

In addition to the bodily and psychological well being dangers, the ABC Weight-reduction plan is unlikely that will help you preserve a decrease weight long-term. When you could quickly shed pounds to start with, except you alter your consuming and way of life habits, you’ll simply as rapidly regain any misplaced weight as soon as the weight loss program ends and you come back to your outdated methods. 

The Aspect Results and Dangers of the ABC Weight-reduction plan

The dangers of the ABC weight loss program far outweigh any of the ABC weight loss program’s advantages. Aspect results of following a very low-calorie weight loss program embrace:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach ache or bloating
  • Hindered immune perform
  • Dry pores and skin, brittle hair, and weakened bones
  • Elevated threat of, and loss of life from, bacterial infections 
  • Low coronary heart charge and blood strain
  • Elevated threat of coronary heart and kidney failure
  • Low blood sugar
  • Elevated insulin resistance
  • Hormonal imbalances 
  • Dehydration
  • Pancreatitis
  • Insomnia and sleep apnea
  • Elevated threat of suicide
  • Elevated threat of untimely loss of life

The Actuality of ABC Weight-reduction plan Outcomes

When you may assume you’ll love your ABC Weight-reduction plan outcomes, it’s essential to know that any advantages you expertise shall be short-lived and include important drawbacks.

As an example, after trudging by means of 50 days of the hunger meal plan, most have an awesome and insatiable starvation, which frequently leads individuals to rampantly overeat and undo any progress made in the course of the weight loss program.

And it undoubtedly doesn’t assist your metabolism.

Research present that speedy weight reduction, notably from low-calorie weight-reduction plan, causes your metabolic charge to dip. It additionally usually leads to muscle loss, and since muscular tissues are “metabolically energetic” and assist burn energy, shedding them causes your metabolic charge to nosedive additional. 

For instance, analysis reveals that calorie-restricted weight-reduction plan could trigger a long-term discount in metabolic charge of as much as 7-to-10%.

In consequence, future weight reduction could also be tougher, and also you’ll seemingly really feel weak, torpid, and usually unwell.

Methods to Safely and Healthily Lose Weight Quick (With out the ABC Weight-reduction plan)

Efficient and wholesome weight reduction includes shedding fats whereas preserving muscle. 

Like most crash diets, nonetheless, the ABC Weight-reduction plan leads to substantial lack of each fats and muscle, which undermines your well being and compromises long-term weight administration. To securely and healthily attain your purpose weight quick, you want a plan that helps you lose fats and preserve muscle. 

Right here’s all the pieces you must know:

Weight-reduction plan

Analysis reveals that consuming 20-to-25% fewer energy than you burn each day will enable you lose fats lickety-split with out shedding muscle or wrestling with extreme starvation, lethargy, and the opposite hobgoblins of low-calorie weight-reduction plan.

When making an attempt to lose fats and retain muscle, high-protein weight-reduction plan beats low-protein diets in each means.

Particularly, you need to eat about 1-to-1.2 grams of protein per pound of physique weight per day.

And should you’re very obese (25%+ physique fats in males and 30%+ in ladies), scale back your protein consumption to round 40% of your whole energy per day.

(If you need much more particular recommendation about what number of energy, how a lot of every macronutrient, and which meals you need to eat to succeed in your well being and health targets, take the Legion Weight-reduction plan Quiz. In lower than a minute, you’ll know precisely what weight loss program is best for you. Click on right here to test it out.)


Goal to carry weight 3-to-5 instances weekly. 

To maximise the fat-burning results of weightlifting, concentrate on the next:

  • Compound workouts: A compound train targets a number of muscle teams directly, like squats, pull-ups, and dips. Research present that compound workouts produce the best will increase in metabolic charge, muscle mass, and power, making it the perfect train for rising fats loss.
  • Heavy weightlifting: Analysis reveals that coaching with 75-to-85% of your one-rep max (weights that you are able to do 6-to-12 reps with earlier than failing) builds extra muscle and burns extra fats than coaching with lighter weights. 
  • Progressive overload: Add weight or reps to each train in each exercise to maximise muscle-building and fat-burning. This is called progressive overload, and it’s the most essential driver of muscle progress.

And should you’d like much more particular recommendation about how usually you need to practice, what workouts you need to do, and for what number of units and reps to succeed in your well being and health targets, take the Legion Energy Coaching Quiz, and in lower than a minute, you’ll know the right power coaching program for you. Click on right here to test it out.

FAQ #1: What are the advantages of the ABC Weight-reduction plan?

The first profit touted by proponents of the ABC Weight-reduction plan is speedy weight reduction. Nonetheless, the numerous well being dangers related to the weight loss program overshadow this profit.

FAQ #2: Is the ABC Weight-reduction plan protected?

No, the ABC Weight-reduction plan is just not protected. It includes extreme calorie restriction, which may result in malnutrition, muscle loss, a weakened immune system, and potential long-term harm to important organs. The weight loss program additionally will increase the danger of creating consuming problems. 

FAQ #3: Why is it referred to as the ABC Weight-reduction plan?

The ABC Weight-reduction plan stands for “Ana Boot Camp” Weight-reduction plan. Professional-anorexia communities usually use the time period “Ana” as shorthand for anorexia.

The identify displays the weight loss program’s extraordinarily restrictive nature and its potential to result in anorexia, a life-threatening consuming dysfunction.

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